For guitar lessons, courses and workshops with Cambridge guitarist and teacher Tim Christmas find out what type of guitar will suit you best and the music you can play.


There is a wide range of guitars for you to try and you are bound to find a guitar to suit your budget.


Spanish nylon string guitars are made by Encore, Admira, Ramirez and others in a range of models to suit your budget


Acoustic steel string guitars are made by Fender, Ovation, Falcon, Vintage and more. Harder on the fingers to start with, these guitars have a more metallic tone


Three-quarter size guitars are recommended for younger students and left-handed guitars for left handed students.


Also supplied are music books, guitar strings, carry bag, guitar tuner, music stand, guitarist footstool


For free advice and current prices

email Tim Christmas or telephone (01223) 565552


Get the Guitar Favourites CD to hear music you

can learn to play on guitar!


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